Coating for velvet suede & fabric

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Surface becomes water repellent (hydrophobic) and creates easy-to-clean properties by preventing the accumulation of any deposits, It can also be used for soft top convertible as well

At Motoprotekt we know how annoying these kind of accidents are, so we decided to help! Our nano-based protective coating for fabrics: Texti-Shield/ Seat Protector bonds on a molecular level to fabric, velvet, suede, and other absorbent upholstery creating an invisible, breathable, and long-lasting hydrophobic coating that prevents liquid-related stains. Velvet Suede & Fabric coating is very easy to apply and won’t alter the texture or appearance of the treated surface in any way making it the perfect solution for these kind of accidents. Regardless of whether you want to protect shoes, sofas, car seats, chairs, carpets, rugs, curtains, table cloths, suits, dresses, hats, coats, bags or purses, Texti-Shield/ Seat Protector will help prevent stains caused by spilling accidents.

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35 x 20 x 10 cm